I wasn’t able to find prices for this, but I thought you should know what I was referring to.

(Caution: inflatable latex sheep stripper costume)

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Anonymous asked:

How many creepy "sugar daddies" could you buy for 17,000 dollars?

Aren’t sugar daddies supposed to give you money instead of the other way around?!  

You could get 84,960 Sugar Daddy candies, though, which would be 38,232 ounces or 2,389.5 pounds of Sugar Daddies.  You could also buy 1,546 giant 1 pound Sugar Daddy pops. [x, x]

Anonymous asked:

Have you heard about the inflatable sheep stripper costume? You can pull off the wool to reveal boobs. It's terrifying.


i tried to google this but couldn’t find it.  if you get a chance, i’d love to see this as a submission.  it might actually take the prize for worst product featured on this blog

Hey, all you need is black construction paper for white crayons to be useful!

And you’re in luck! Those $17,000 will buy you 8,994 packs of 50 9” x 12” sheets of black construction paper! That’s 449,700 sheets!

To make this an overly long gag, each sheet is 108 square inches, so there’s 337,275 square feet to scribble some snowmen/snowflakes on!

masked-rider-warrior-leadersaid: Props to you for not responding to criticism as just FK U IT’S MY BLOG! That’s cool of you, skellyboner.


but thank you!  And while, yes, FK U IT’S MY BLOG!, you guys are also choosing to follow me and deserve consideration.  without y’all it would be me sitting around laughing about pictures of obama dildos all by myself and that’s pretty sad

Anonymous asked:

When did this blog become your personal blog instead of just stuff you can get with 17000$? You're a nice person and you post funny stuff. But it seems like blogs like this ofter steer into more personal stuff from what they originally were made to do.

It’s mostly because Dashcon isn’t that relevant a topic anymore and because people ask about the personal stuff.  I tag anything person with #cool skeleton if you prefer just the silly stuff — and I am trying to keep up with those posts, too! — but I like you guys and I like being able to talk with you about stuff.